Child Counselling Singapore – What Can Be The Different Steps To Be A Child Counsellor?

Children undergo various life changes and obstacles in their family and other surroundings. It is when child counsellors are necessary. child counselling singapore has different child counsellors who teach their clients different relaxation techniques to help them attain physical and mental health. Check out to know about the steps to be a child counsellor.

A Step By Step Guide To Become A Child Counsellor

 Research: Do proper research before choosing a child counsellor career. Think about if you want to do this full-time, part-time, or as a volunteer. Consider how you want to support children. It can be for a short period or for a long time.

  1. College: College can help you become a child counsellor, and it’s required for you to become a child counsellor. It requires a level 3 or level 4 diploma to become a physiotherapist with a certificate to become a counsellor.
  2. University: You need to continue your studies at a university level after graduating from college. Some extra courses in the university can help you become a child counsellor, and it’s required to become a child counsellor.
  3. Training: To become a child counsellor, you need to finish the required training. There are four years of training to be a counsellor. It is also essential to get some experience working with children.
  4. License: A license or permit is necessary to operate as a child counsellor. The United Kingdom Council provides the necessary license to Physiotherapy. You must practice as a child counsellor for at least 450 hours to obtain your consent.