The craze for Women’s Perfumes

Perfumes have been a fantastic asset for humankind for ages. It adds a sense of aestheticism to society with its mesmerizing appeal.

Marking their origin from the lands of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, perfumes acquired a status and position in these primitive cultural civilizations.

Historians and travelers never failed to mention the might of perfumes and their craze amongst the royals in their historical accounts.

Traditionally women’s fragrance were made from organic elements such as plants, fruits, roots, and wood. Natural scents used to be distilled and blended with essential oils to make exotic fragrances.

The prevalence and charisma of these aromatic potions aren’t new. We can see the emperors and their queens loved wearing fragrances; it was also considered a sign of social superiority and aristocracy. 

Perfume and its Variety –

Perfumes have been subdivided into five major categories –

  • Perfume or Parfum
  • Eu de Perfume
  • Eu de Toilette
  • Eu de Cologne
  • Eu Fraiche

Getting into the technicalities 

The various categories of perfume depend on their concentration. More the concentration, the costlier it gets!

Delving bit deeper –

Coming to concentration, perfume has two major components –

A fragrance component constituting the essential oils and the base. A base can be either of alcohol, oil or water.

Perfume or Parfum

It Is the most concentrated version having almost 20-30% of essential oils in the fragrant mixture and least amount of alcohol, making it the most expensive one.

It lasts longer almost 24 hours.

Due to it’s less alcohol content, it’s highly recommended for sensitive skin.