Products Every Consumer Buys Along With Stackable Washer Dryers

Any individual who purchases washers and dryers likewise requires different items with it. This is for the accommodation of the purchasers as certain washers and dryers do not have every single thing went with them. Here are the main 10 items habitually purchased along with stackable washer dryers by the customers.

  1. Frigidaire STACKIT4X Laundry Stacking Kit for Affinity Washers and Dryers

The multi-hued stacking pack suits best for the Frigidaire Affinity washers and dryers. It very well may be utilized effectively with the dryer or washer as it permits you to make more space in the room where you place the machine in. The Frigidaire STACKIT4X weighs 1.2 pounds so you can change the machine without any problem.


This stacking unit helps in using the clothing space appropriately and makes more space in the house for different things.


The item comes generally with a one year guarantee. It is a seriously solid item and effectively accessible on the lookout.

  1. Frigidaire PCK4200 LP Conversation Kit for Dryers

The LP transformation pack is additionally appropriate for wasmachine en droger set. It is made particularly for the 7.0 series of the brand. It is produced using metal and weighs one pound. It has various establishment choices for the augmenting purposes.


The best thing regarding this item is that it can change over the dryers from the petroleum gas fuel to the fluid propane fuel. It is profoundly reasonable and you can utilize it with certainty.


The Frigidaire PCK4200 LP Conversion Kit accompanies a guarantee of 90 days.

  1. PETRA 90-1024 3-Wire Dryer Cord 6-Foot, 30A

This is a three-wire rope for the dryer that comes exceptionally helpful in the working of the machine. The three strings make it simple to connect the switchboards. It has the limit of 30 amps and 250 volts.


The line is 6-foot long which makes it simple to utilize. It additionally contains a shut eyelet which makes it substantially more helpful to utilize. It is accessible in dark shade.


There is no such guarantee accessible for this line. Accordingly, we can reason that it very well may be strong enough for the utilization of the dryer or washer.