Apple iPhone 14 Pro Specifications You Must Need To Know

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro was authoritatively declared by Apple CEO Steve Jobs during his feature at the Macworld Expo. The iPhone is Apple’s initial move into the mobile phone industry, flaunting immense multimedia highlights including a camera, media player and a variety of internet administrations – the iPhone is profoundly expected. To update you regarding the Apple iPhone 14 Pro here’s a manual for the equipment, programming and the elements this new Apple product brings to the table.

  • Screen size 3.5 inches
  • Screen goal 320 by 480 at 160 ppi
  • Input technique Multi-touch
  • Working framework OS X
  • Capacity 4GB or 8GB
  • GSM Quad-band MHz 850, 900, 1800, 1900
  • Remote information Wi-Fi 802.11b or g + EDGE + Bluetooth 2.0
  • Camera 2.0 megapixels
  • Battery Up to 5 hours Talk or Video or Browsing, Up to 16 hours Audio playback
  • Aspects 4.5 x 2.4 x 0.46 inches
  • Weight 4.8 ounces or 135 grams


The iPhone flaunts an incredible 3.5-inch touch screen show planned explicitly for use with your uncovered hands the touch screen depends on exposed skin so the requirement for a pointer is essentially not there. To include message the iPhone utilizes a virtual console permitting the user to rapidly and effortlessly input their ideal message. As you would expect the virtual console has every one of the capacities you would expect, auto spell check, prescient text, and word reference and so on.


As you would expect the iPhone has every one of the typical highlights you’d anticipate from any standard Cell phone including conferencing, call holding, call blending, guest ID, email and the remainder. The iPhone likewise incorporates a 2 Mega Pixel worked in camera that will permit you to record and catch video despite everything images and utilizing the provided programming move these to your PC or Mac. The most engaging element of the iPhone is it is consolidation of its older sibling the iPod MP3 player. Like the fifth era of iPods the iPhone can deal with video playback as well as a music library and click here to read more details.

Working System

As indicated by Apple an enhanced did not thin down rendition of the famous Mac OS X Operating framework will turn out great on the iPhone despite the fact that they have not at this point gone into a particulars on this, nor has the process been formally made sense of. Apple has remarked in the past that OS refreshes for the iPhone will be exceptionally smooth and work along these lines to the iPod and Mac OS X updates. Like the OS X Dashboard Apple uncovered the iPhone will uphold different Widgets for instance, stocks and offers and climate modules.

Incidental Features

As you would expect the iPhone highlights an implicit non-replaceable battery unit very much like the iPod and is equipped for providing as long as 5 hours of video playback, voice calls or web perusing. Music playback is around the 16 hours mark.