How To Talk To Your Child For Parental Control App

Parenting in today’s time requires a balanced approach. This is especially true when you have decided to use a parental control app like a Phone Trackerto monitor your child’s online activities. Letting your child know that you are taking this step for their safety can be a tricky space. Below are the things you should keep in your mind to honor your child’s growing autonomy while you have the conversation.

Have A Safe Conversation

It would be best if you let your child understand that parental controls are there to support your child’s growth and development rather. Make them understand that, like everything, there are advantages and disadvantages of using the internet, and parental control apps would make sure that they use the internet for their benefit and do not get into anything harmful for them. You must talk to your child in a calm, assertive manner and hear them out well if they have any resistance towards it. Make them understand the app’s features and how they would help them (not what they won’t be able to do).

Support, Don’t Snoop

Let your children know that you are adding these controls, not as an invasion of their privacy or to dig into their conversations or online friendships. Make sure that you let them know by action that you respect their private spaces and conversation. Let them tackle their challenges and do not interfere. For example, if you get to read a Facebook messenger conversation by the child through the app, do not bring it up until necessary. Suppose you see your child getting into a verbal fight; let them come up with their solution to the situation rather than snooping in with solutions. This will help the child grow as an individual and feel supported.


Tell them, and portray by your behavior that you trust your child. Your child must feel that their intellect and integrity are trusted, but installing a parenting app is for the world that can negatively influence them and their lives.

Make It An Open Conversation

Your child should know that they can talk about your digital parenting strategy anytime they want to. Even if you don’t change the rules you have set, you must provide a space for your child to speak, and you must make them feel heard.


Remind your child consistently that you are a team. Remind them that you, too, are growing and learning along with them. Please do not get into us vs. them control drama. This will help you create healthy dynamics, and they will feel safer when you access their digital whereabouts and social media interactions through the Facebook Location tracker feature.

The Bottom Line

Every child is unique with their unique needs. While you set up a digital control strategy, make sure that you pay extra care to honor your child’s unique needs and talents. Find a balanced and graceful approach that makes the child feel like they are being cared for. These conversations might not be easy, but they are nourishing.